Project Description

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Sale, NSW

Project details

We were engaged on a re-development project for a school in Sale, VIC. We were asked to provide a solution for a rather unique bit of roof.

On the ledge that you can see in the attached images, was the designated area for the HVAC units.

We recommended installing our lightweight and ultra strong EasyMech MR platform to house the HVAC units and to screen them, we also recommended installing our very own Weather LouvreWall Solution so this area not only blended aesthically with the surrounding structures but also provided superior airflow to the machinery.

These Louvre panels were originally to be installed facing down but our Site Manager noticed that the units would then be visible from the ground. Knowing that our Louvres could be inverted with minimal fuss, he notified the Builder who then contacted the Architect. Within an hour, we had approvals to invert our Louvres.

Thanks to our Site Managers quick thinking, we were able to deliver a fully-fledged solution that ticked all the boxes.