What is the warranty on your platforms?2020-10-15T07:15:56+00:00

The complete Con-form Group product range is backed by a 25-year warranty barring the Phantom Screen which is covered by a 10-year warranty.

How do I mount my air conditioning units to the platform?2020-10-15T07:04:49+00:00

As there are so many varied units with different mounting configurations, our certification does not cover this aspect, hence we do not provide fixings for air-con units – our recommendation is to bolt the units down to the mesh (with a piece of AVANT Anti-Vibration, Anti-Noise Technology pad between them) using a plate with a hole in it, below the mesh or to bolt through the mesh and cross beam, if the mounting foot of the units is directly above it.

Will I need to crane my platform onto the roof?2020-10-15T07:04:08+00:00

If the complete platform is required on the roof in one package, a crane would be required – the alternative is to cut the package open and carry the individual parts up.

What tools do I need to assemble a platform?2020-10-15T07:03:39+00:00

A 13mm spanner which is supplied with the fixings, a drill and a tek driver.

How long does it take to assemble a platform?2020-10-15T07:02:58+00:00

A 3m x 3m platform would take one person 2 hours at their first attempt.

How much weight can I place on the platform?2020-10-15T07:02:35+00:00

The square meter size of the platform x 250Kg – providing the weight is centralised on the platform – the structural design of the platform ensures that a centrally located weight on the platform is evenly distributed over the footprint size of the platform.

What do I have to rate the roof structure beneath the platform to?2020-10-15T07:01:34+00:00