This week one of our fantastic installation teams in Victoria were busy with a Span+ (rafter mounted mechanical platform) install for a Mosque in Preston.

With the roof not strong enough to build the platform insitu, the team had to assemble the system on the ground and organise for it to be craned onto the roof. The project also required the HVAC platform to be paired with architectural screens, which were powdercoated to match the aesthetic of the building,

The platform and screens came together quite quickly but the actual crane lift and install was delayed a few days thanks to some classic Melbourne rainy weather.

As can be seen in the video, the day of installation was perfect for all intense and purposes and was easily mounted directly to the stub columns.




A twist on traditional structural platforms, Span+ is a strong, secure and lightweight mechanical platform solution, ideal for when surface mounted platforms aren’t an option.

Span+ allows trusses to span greater distances between rafters and is ideal for existing roofs where the purlins simply do not have the capacity to adequately support the equipment on a purlin (or surface) mounted platform.

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